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The next big thing for food: cellular agriculture

To build a future with enough healthy food for everyone without overwhelming the planet, we must transform our current food system.

The world is hungry for clean, healthy and nutritious food. At the same time, people are waking up to the consequences of our way of living and the harmful effects of food production on the environment.

Cellular agriculture, a sustainable option for food production, has the potential to disrupt the current food system and to provide an alternative to unsustainable and unethical production methods. As well as offering a brand-new way of producing food, cellular agriculture has already begun to generate new business opportunities. Cultured plant cells will transform the current food system.

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About the handbook

This to-the-point handbook explains how cellular agriculture can help build our future. It is for everyone with an appetite for innovation and interest in shaping the future of food.

In this handbook, we discuss:

  • Why we need cellular agriculture
  • Examples of cultured cell foods existing today
  • 4 key advantages of cellular agriculture
  • How to get started with cellular agriculture
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