CES 2023

Las Vegas
United States


CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.​ This is where the world's biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Join CES with us!

CES will bring together innovators, decision makers and the media. It will be a great opportunity to network with 2400 exhibitors from 180 different countries, territories and regions. You're warmly welcome to meet us at our booth at the Venetian Expo. Register now and meet us at CES.

Next generation diagnostics and wearables

In CES we will be showcasing our latest R&D innovations in next generation diagnostics & wearables. Visit our booth and hear more about the following topics: 

  • Smart patches 
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Hyperspectral sensors
  • Flexible electronics with sustainable materials

Come to see our technological innovations

The technology demos on our booth highlight critical design, manufacturability, sustainability and reliability aspects related to development of novel stretchable devices for the wearables market based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and nanocellulose substrate platforms.

We will present examples of several fully integrated functional devices such as a stretchable wireless electrocardiography (ECG) smart patch and a disposable enzymatic amperometric biosensor for real-time sweat monitoring.

Developments and upscaling aspects on Roll-to-Roll manufacturing will cover double-sided printing and via-forming, component assembly, lamination and encapsulation, structuring of PDMS films and sustainable substrate materials for single use devices.

We also develop technologies for remote and non-contact sensing of vital signs. Examples include pressure sensors placed on a chair or under the mattress or radars mounted on the wall to monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate. These technologies enable sleep analysis, such as sleep stage classification and sleep apnea detection as well as stress, recovery and emotion recognition. You will also have an opportunity to sit down on a seat foil sensor which measures vital signs and evaluates your recovery rate.

Meet us at the Venetian Expo, Booth #51239 (Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) pavilion)

Come and meet VTT experts at the Venetian Expo, Booth #51239 (Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) pavilion):

  • Ralph Liedert, Printed Electronics & Wearable Technology
  • Elina Mattila, Digital Health
  • Tommi Suni, Microelectronics & Quantum
Ralph Liedert
Ralph Liedert
Customer Account Lead
Elina M. Mattila
Elina M. Mattila
Customer Account Lead
Tommi Suni
Tommi Suni
Customer Account Lead