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How to select sustainable plastics

Every brand – including cosmetics, cars, sports equipment, furniture and electronics, to name a few – is running fast to find new materials for their goods.

Selecting sustainable polymers is challenging. Every industry has their specific needs while external demands, regulations, customer needs and cost pressure might seem contradictory. In addition, limited access to resources and testing facilities often slows down progress.

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About the white paper

At VTT, we offer a one-stop service for companies to identify sustainable materials that fit your business needs. Now you can benefit from the work of our experts and learn how to make these decisions with more confidence, in a structured way – and faster.

This white paper covers:

  • How to tackle typical challenges in making sustainable plastics choices
  • How to create criteria for selecting sustainable plastics
  • What kind of phases the selection process includes – and how long they typically take.

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