How to develop alternatives for fossil-based plastics? How valuable can challenging waste plastics be?

Regulation and sustainability requirements call for actions what comes to developing new materials for a plethora of products that are based on plastics. VTT offers research and development services that can accelerate new material solutions innovation or help rethink entire production processes in a new way.

While we need to drastically reduce the production of fossil-based plastics there are tons of it available for reuse. Possibilities are endless. VTT can help develop technologies and processes to turn even most challenging waste plastics into valuable raw material for new products. 

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Don't miss out: From citrus peel to PEF plastics

Please join the Greener Manufacturing conference track on November 11th at 11 am to hear a fascinating presentation From citrus peel to PEF plastics by Jouni Lattu. You will also find Jouni at the VTT stand.

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Our service for polymer material development and plastics innovation.

VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre

Our piloting centre for new bio-based products and circular economy solutions with unique expertise, modelling and piloting capabilities under one roof.