Superior digital systems

Digitalisation brings about new potential and innovations for societies and businesses.

Digitalisation requires state-of-the-art electronics.
Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä

How are self-driving cars made road safe? Can smart bandages and skin patches identify and prevent disease? Should we make inventory of the Earth’s forests from space? These examples only scratch the surface when it comes to the potential benefits digitalisation brings for society and business alike.

The expertise and potential benefits associated with superior digital systems will be unleashed in Finland by 2030. This will give rise to new innovations that will increase the global competitiveness of domestic electronics companies and improve the competitiveness of traditional industries through new product features.

These emerging technologies will be utilised in innovations such as radar sensors for autonomous vehicles or in space satellites that monitor the state of natural resources and emissions.

Our approach

We aim to create new technology-based growth enterprises in Finland. These enterprises will utilise the innovations promoted by VTT to create competitive export products and the conditions for a profitable business ecosystem.

The cornerstones of our approach:

  • We create business opportunities based on micro, nano, quantum, AI printing, and photonics technologies.

  • We leverage environmentally-friendly materials in electronics products and prevent E-waste.

  • We digitalise traditional industries.