Quantum technology provides the tools to solve the most important challenges humanity is facing.

VTT's 30 years of research in quantum technology give us the advantage in making this quantum leap.

Quantum technology can be used, for example, to develop new, more effective medicines or to significantly reduce emissions from industrial logistics chains.

Whether in medicine, industry, motoring, aviation, national security or even the financial and energy sectors, the world will be improved with the help of the limitless solutions on the horizon. A small step for humans, a quantum leap for humankind.

Quantum computing will become a mainstream data handling platform by 2030. The size, usability, and availability of quantum computers will be leveraged to help companies solve their business challenges.

We want to ensure that quantum computing benefits society as a whole. The technologies and software we develop lead to innovations that can be scaled into profitable businesses.

Our approach

Our goal is to bring about the quantum leap in computing by 2030. Reaching such a milestone will help scientists and businesses solve complex challenges and create unprecedented value.

The cornerstones of our approach:

  • We supply components to companies that manufacture quantum computers.

  • We produce hardware and software solutions suitable for a range of purposes.

  • We accelerate quantum software development with our expertise in AI, machine learning, and cryptography.

  • We help companies adapt their offerings to the possibilities afforded by quantum technologies and create competitive products and services for global markets.