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Disruptive businesses

Markets and customer needs are changing.

New technologies may emerge tomorrow.

Companies both big and small need to be alert to change and agile in order to keep up.

To do that, we need partnerships and new competencies. 

Speed and agility are essential for the future. The next disruption is closer than any one of us would believe.
Nando Malmelin

Finland, with its high innovation capability and a skilled workforce, is a frontrunner in the next generation manufacturing and service business.

In the future, global platform and data economy will be enabled by ecosystems based on integrating a wide spectrum of data. 

Our approach

Together with our partners, we will build a European customer-driven digital platform integrating industrial, public and private data sources. Join VTT to pilot these platform solutions of the future for B-to-B networks.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Building business innovations based on data requires companies to combine deep domain expertise with a thorough understanding of related digital technologies.

Culture and mindset for ecosystemic business are crucial. New competences and partners are needed. 

Manufacturing companies need to have courage to  re-think their business and challenge how, by whom and where the value for  customer is created. 

Breaking data silos to create data markets and enable integration of public, private and industrial data sources.