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Our strategy turns challenges into opportunities

VTT’s activities are guided by large global challenges which we turn into sustainable growth for businesses and society through scientific and technological means. Our strategy combines a challenge-driven mode of operation and leading competence. 

We refer to our strategic themes as lighthouses: climate action, resource sufficiency, good life, safety and security and industrial renewal.

Vision, mission and values

VTT’s vision is to build a bright future with science-based innovation. Our mission is to help businesses and society thrive and renew themselves through applied research.

Our work is guided by the following values: passion for innovation, support and respect to the core, together for the customer and one step ahead.

We want to change the world

By concentrating on subjects derived from global challenges, we conduct research that has an impact and change the world for the better. Our impact is created in cooperation with our customers by ensuring excellence in research and technology.

New solutions are born when we work together with the top research institutes on both the international and domestic stage as well as customers large and small. We create expert networks and innovation ecosystems in which we all learn something new and develop.

Together, we take steps forward in the scientific fields on a path towards sustainable business. In this way, we build a tomorrow that is brighter than yesterday.


Five challenges that we intend to overcome with the help of science and technology

Our strategy is centred on five large global challenges that, through cooperation with our customers, we are turning into opportunities for sustainable growth:

Climate action – Clean energy for the future

Climate change can be brought under control but this requires swift action in all fields. Together with our customers, we are advancing towards a transition to a clean energy system and an end to our dependence on the fossil fuel economy.


Resource sufficiency – Prosperity from resource wisdom

With efficient solutions, renewable materials and circular economies, we can ensure sufficient resources for everyone.

Good life – Improved quality of life, work, health and well-being

Health care, working life and our living environment are at a breaking point. Science and technology must be used to advance the quality of life of as many people as possible.

Safety and security – Resilience in a turbulent world

The world is safer than ever before, but the nature of threats is changing in our digital world. We have the ability to prepare for even the most surprising occurrences.

Industrial renewal – Innovations empowering industry

Digital solutions increase the efficiency of production processes and create new business opportunities in the industrial sector.

VTT Excellence Advisory Board

Excellence Advisory Board (EAB) advises VTT leadership in innovation processes, implementing long-term strategy, advancing VTT’s goals in its strategic focus areas and developing world-class research, technology and innovation competences.

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