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VTT today and tomorrow


VTT looking into the future

​​Working for a better tomorrow

For 75 years VTT has created innovative technological solutions, benefiting the success of Finnish companies and societal wellbeing.

We have selected 75 technology stories from VTT's story library and featured them on Flickr.


VTT's Flickr account

VTT's history

​Since its establishment 76 years ago, VTT has become an important centre of technological expertise and developer of new technologies. The development path of Finland as a whole as well as the events and phenomena of each era are reflected in VTT’s history. It reveals one of the keys to VTT’s success: the organisation has always be able to meet challenges by adapting to changes in its environment.

VTT in seven decades

Sources: Karl-Erik Michelsen, The State, Technology, Research - VTT and the Development of the National Research System, Espoo 1993 (in Finnish) and VTT Annual Reports and Reviews .