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VTT Lighthouses



​Climate action – Clean energy for the future

Close to 200 countries have committed to Paris climate agreement to limit the global warming below 2ºC. Rapid transformation of all the sectors that are emitting greenhouse gases are needed. Also Finland has set ambitious targets to increase the use of renewable energy to be over 50% of the final energy consumption by 2030.

Billions of mechanical devices, buildings, vehicles and industrial processes need to be changed, retrofitted or renovated to improve energy efficiency and to decrease emissions. Emergence of numerous integrated consumers and producers, called prosumers, recreates energy markets. VTT fosters novel technologies and digitalization as opportunities to support a systemic energy transformation.

Innovations for low-carbon energy mix from versatile sources are required more urgently than ever.


Resource sufficiency – Prosperity from resource wisdom

Social changes, urbanization, increasing wealth and consumerism lead to rapid exploitation of natural resources exceeding Earths capacity.

VTT recognizes the need for sustainable, resource efficient solutions and circular economy. Challenges can be solved by resource wisdom. Tapping into yet-unutilized reserves and closing the loops will open new potential for economy.

Industries benefit from renewables and unconventional raw materials such as CO2. Design will enable high performance for-need-only consumables. Non-conventionally produced food helps feeding the growing population while saving water and environment.


Good life – Improved quality of life, work, health
and well-being

Major global changes impact everyday life. Growing healthcare costs together with aging population demand for a paradigm shift for prevention of noncommunicable diseases and a new kind of participatory healthcare. Disruption of work – robotization beyond factories is making many current jobs obsolete. The overload of human-technology relation, manifesting itself clearly in the gadgets we use in our work and free time, is increasing stress when it should make life easier. Urbanization and strained infrastructures pose pressures towards design of our living environment.

Finland has the ability to answer these challenges because of well educated population, high trust level in society and a number of growth oriented companies. VTT develops new technology, service concepts and business models for the benefit of the individual in the future society.


Safety and security – Resiliency in turbulent world

In our turbulent world, unexpected complex and cascading failures can lead to catastrophic effects. Ensuring safety and security of people, government, companies and infrastructures in all conditions has strong implications to technology development, business continuity and resilience models. The trends behind opportunities are increasing exposure of societies to natural and man-made threats.

Tomorrow’s safe and secure society demands means and tools to detect, prevent and recover from incidents. VTT envisages and develops technologies and systemic models for comprehensive safety and security. All systems should be flexible and self-adaptive with inherent safety and security features. Designing, developing and testing complex systems enable secure use and full potential of any innovation in digital society.

Solutions to counter threats provide opportunities for trouble-free life and business.


Industrial renewal – Innovations empowering industry

Renewing design, manufacturing and service business will create new opportunities for industries in high-cost economies. The economic growth and employment of Finland are highly dependent on the success of the export industry. It is essential for the Finnish industry to be one of the leading players in implementing future digital solutions and business models.

Tomorrow’s smart products and services are created in new industrial ecosystems supported by globally connected platform economy. Opportunities will emerge from the collaboration, service subscriptions and use of data. Growing share of services and novel business models based on big data strengthen the competitive advantage of Finnish industry.

Robotization, flexible automation and artificial intelligence offer opportunities for enhanced production. Smart specialization and digitalization support competitiveness of production industries. High dependence on resources (energy, materials, water) can be overcome by applying solutions of circular economy.

Finland, with high innovation capability and skilled work force, is ready to be a frontrunner in next generation manufacturing and service business.