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Replacement for the fossil-based crude oil

VTT develops bio-aromatic chemicals as a replacement for the fossil-based crude oil for use in a range of applications:

  1. Bio-fuels: Using gasification or pyrolysis with the use of catalysis.
  2. Bio-BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene):

Designed to be drop-in replacements for the existing technology.

VTT possess the skills and know-how to develop novel drop-in replacements, bio-based aromatic monomers, for a range of uses.

Come and discuss your ideas and concepts with confidence!

Customer projects with multinational chemical companies to replace crude oil based feedstocks with a renewable feedstock.

Overview of the chemistry

Development of biomass based bio-aromatics to replace petrochemicals using advanced pre-treatments and fractionation techniques as well as catalytic reactions.
Examples of reactions:

  • Catalytic conversion of terpenes, fatty and resin acids.
  • By using a wood-based feedstock in the gasification process with La-Zn-zeolite catalysts; the resulting oil contains over 80 % benzene, toluene and xylene. BTX.


Our state-of-the-art facility includes:

  • Synthetic laboratories, distillation and fractionation plant, Reaction calorimeter, batch and continuous flow reactors from laboratory to bench and pilot size.

Our analytical facilities include:

  • Gas chromatography, Infrared, mass spectrometry, calorimetry, nuclear magnetic resonance

Background within the field

VTT combines modern laboratory facilities, pilot scale equipment, various analytical resources with LCA analysis, modelling and concept calculations to enable process development starting from an idea and ending in a full-scale demonstration at the VTT pilot-scale facilities.

VTT has co-operation with all the European research institutes and with several domestic and foreign Universities in addition with Finnish Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation.

VTT has worked with the chemical and forest industries developing various high value products, processes and technologies.

VTT is strongly committed to bio-economy transformation combining the chemical industry know-how with forest industry to enable the future bio-refineries.

The know-how and technologies developed can be utilised developing any type of chemical processes or products.