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Graphene Processing Services

Wafer and chip level graphene components on demand

​VTT has extensive knowhow and experience on graphene processing, process development and CMOS integration. We collaborate with the leading graphene providers and CMOS foundries and operate in a class 10 and class 100 clean rooms with full micro- and nanofabrication, and characterization facilities.
With our processes it is possible to combine substrate surface modification to minimize the intrinsic doping for high mobility graphene (4 000 – 8 000 cm2/Vs) for passivated devices to reliable edge contacts for low contact resistance (150±50 Ω-µm) or bottom contacts when better suited for the process integration. We can operate with most substrate types, from polymers to wafers.

Graphene biosensors

VTT’s biosensor process is optimized for field effect transistor type liquid gated sensors. The process relies on bottom contacts and well passivated electrodes, leaving only the active graphene surface and possible Pt electrodes open for functionalization. Typical process yield on 100 mm wafers is 97%. The process flow can be modified based on your demands.

We also offer biofunctionalization services and bioanalysis with graphene coated SPR and QCM chips.

CMOS integration

VTT offers CMOS post-processing for graphene integration, including additional bottom electrodes, dielectrics and graphene processing on the CMOS wafers.

We also provide circuit design for graphene sensor readout with CMOS. 

Flexible applications

Graphene is surface independent material and allows device fabrication on flexible platforms.

We offer CVD graphene micro- and nanoprocessing on various polymer sheets and releasable thin films, encapsulation processes to preserve high mobility (also up to 8 000 cm2/Vs) and solutions for readout integration.

We have excessive printing facilities and expertise on solution processed graphene for electrodes and conductors on polymers, fabrics and paper that allow novel metal-free large-area applications.