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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  Ltd is one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe.  VTT has a national mandate in Finland. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for our domestic and international customers and partners.  We serve both private and public sectors.

We have 75 years’ experience supporting our clients growth with top-level research and science-based results.

We develop new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services. We cooperate with our customers to produce technology for business and build success and well-being for the benefit of society.

We use 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to develop new technological solutions. The benefit you gain from this spearhead research comes when we work with you to create new products, production processes, methods, and services. VTT ensures efficient utilisation of science and technology with the aid of broad international cooperation and networking.

VTT is part of Finland's innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

VTT Group


VTT in figures 31.12.2017

VTT parent company

​​​​Financial information

  • Net turnover 153 M€
  • Other operating income 82 M€ (54 % of turnover)
  • Government grant 73 M€ (48 % of turnover)
  • Revenue from abroad 54 M€ (35 % of turnover)
​ ​​​


  • Personnel 2,109
  • University degree: 80 %
  • Doctors and licentiates: 27 %
​ ​​​


  • 1,530 customers
  • 915 domestic companies
  • 390 foreign companies
  • 225 public organisations in Finland and abroad
​ ​​​


  • notifications of inventions 237
  • over 1,424 patents and patent applications in VTT’s patent portfolio
  • publications 1,345
  • scientific articles 610 (45 %)


When you use VTT’s name in advertising please ask for a written consent from VTT.


Use the VTT-abbreviation in communications and marketing issues:  VTT

In official documents such as contracts, use the whole name:  Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy


Use the VTT-abbreviation in communications and marketing issues:  VTT

In official documents such as contracts, use the name: Teknologiska forskningscentralen VTT Ab 



Use always the following name: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


Always confirm with the VTT Corporate Communications when you want to use the VTT logo. Please note that the logo should always be used in its original color and size formats.

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