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Optimising nuclear plant life management & material performance



VTT helps nuclear power plant owners, operators and suppliers to maintain ideal conditions and to maintain component life at optimal levels.

We offer a unique, independent and internationally recognized combination of deep industry knowledge, research & development facilities, and practical experience. Customers rely on us for our material and component characterisation abilities and to safely and accurately evaluate their in-service condition and lifetime.

Leverage a broad base of specialised expertise

Our expertise in the field of material performance includes radiation effects on material microstructures and behaviour, environmentally-assisted cracking, materials deformation processes, materials aging phenomena, and material behaviour at high temperatures and in service conditions.

In the area of structural integrity we offer expertise on non-destructive examination (NDE) methods and procedures as well as a wide range of material modelling for customer needs.

Choose VTT for impartial and independent evaluation services

VTT's knowledge base and experimental facilities enable us to assess the state of damage in detail and to predict its future evolution for structures operating at high or low temperatures. Our internationally recognized facilities include standardized testing equipment as well as advanced, complex devices. VTT regularly provides impartial and independent services for both national and international clients.