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Sustainability monitoring and implementation

Solid information on environmental impacts, hotspots and overall performance

​Sustainability monitoring and programme implementation start by understanding the current process or product environmental footprint and the societal impact. We interview the client, collect client data and use our proprietary tools, databases and dedicated experts to analyse the impact throughout the value chain. We engage our specific process experts on the case, help create a step-by-step programme to address any improvement needs towards the goal and then reassess the footprint to verify the success.

Sustainability today is a required business dimension in most commercial enterprises. Companies, including your competitors, go beyond the compulsory level of permit compliance and even construct a marketing argument based on sustainability.

Contact us to understand the impact on you and to safeguard your business for the future.

VTT has worked with the metal and machine industry on numerous projects on ecodesign and recyclability over the years. The results have paved the way for a systematic materials, manufacturing and product development and optimisation, as well as providing ready-to-use materials for marketing and communications.

Optimised sustainable solutions

We are experts in finding environmental optimisation potential for products, industrial processes and technologies, also covering the social and economic aspects of sustainabilty. 

We offer our customers solid information on their environmental impacts, hotspots and overall performance. We specialise in life-cycle assessment (LCA), footprint analyses, material/energy efficiency, environmental product declarations (EPD), and eco-design. Training sessions and workshops on these topics are organised regularly. 

Our research is focused on the evaluation of impacts over the products’ entire life cycle and the development of assessment methodologies and appropriate indicators. We are among the leading experts in conducting sustainability assessment in the context of projects funded by the EU and Tekes.

Latest knowledge and methodologies

Sustainability services are provided by specialists with over 20 years of experience. We use the latest expertise from research projects and international methodology development in our customer work. Our experts are well networked and actively involved in international development of carbon footprint, water footprint, eco-efficiency and social responsibility methodologies, including ISO standardisation. 

VTT owns, develops and licenses out SULCA software, a transparent and user-friendly tool for LCA and footprint assessments.

We help to develop sustainable products and processes in various sectors. Our recent work includes assignments with e.g. the mining, the electronics and the biomaterials industries.

We also work with the forest industry, bioenergy, the mineral and metal industry, construction, design and engineering, transport and logistics, discrete production, the ship and boat industry and the media sector.