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Dynamic Process Simulation

​​The key uses of Apros include safety analysis, engineering support, automation testing and operator training

Apros is a simulation software product developed by VTT and Fortum. Since 1986, Apros has been used for simulation of thermal and nuclear power plants. Furthermore Apros is used for dynamic simulations in other industries, for example in pulp and paper mills, desalination plants, solid oxide fuel cell systems, district heating and cooling network simulations and recently also for solar power (PV and CSP). 

We can offer Apros licenses as well as services: training, expert consultation, engineering and safety analysis and software integration. In these services we can involve top experts from the product development organization.

Apros includes a comprehensive library of component models such as valves, pipes, pumps, tanks, measurement devices and controllers. Using the versatile library of automation functions, it is easy to model measurements and controls, as well as interlocks and sequences. AC/DC systems can also be modelled. The user can create his own device modules using model components and also specific custom codes. User components can be included in the calculation and reused later in other simulation models. The new Apros version 6 provides a user-friendly modelling environment and some advanced tools, such as an OPC UA interface for effective simulation data transfer and a high level SCL programming environment.

Apros simulates systems by solving dynamic mass, energy and momentum balances, all balances being solved for every simulation time step. In addition, empirical correlations can be used, for example for heat transfer calculations. Apros offers several alternative thermohydraulic calculation models responding to the varying needs of modelling in different parts of the process and for different modelling applications. Calculation models are verified using physical test cases and also against data of measurements made from existing plants.