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​​​​February 4, 4PM EET: How to shape future cities and prevent risks?

This webinar explores how advanced machine-assisted decision making can help your city in: foreseeing future impacts of your decisions; avoiding risks and managing uncertainties; carbon neutral energy solutions for cities, and electric smart mobility in cities.

Cut through the noise with the help of VTT CityTune® - an analytical approach to forecast future developments!

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New functionalities for additively manufactured components

Metal additive manufacturing (i.e. metal 3D printing) is utilized increasingly on final component and part production. In our webinar, we will provide you insights into two exciting areas of additive manufacturing.

Register now to find out the latest on the development of magnetic AM materials as well as smart additively manufactured components. »

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​​​From CO2 to chemicals

In this webinar we will focus on high value chemicals; feasible pathways from CO2 as well as commercial considerations. Examples we will cover include Paraffinic pathway (ico2chem) and Olefins (BTX, polycarbonates). We will also discuss benefits of using CO2 for specialized chemicals compared to fuel.

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New solutions to antibiotic resistance

​Discover how the use of antibiotics for animals can be reduced and how arctic berries can provide a solution to the super bacteria challenge.

Register now to hear insights into two research services providing health care professionals and pharmaceutical companies alternative paths to take in fighting antibiotic resistance »

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Smart Otaniemi webinar: Aggregator business models

This webinar about Aggregator business models will tell you what is demand response and why it is important. Our presenters from VTT, Fingrid and Nuuka Solutions will explain what is happening in this field.

Sign up hear how Smart Otaniemi's aggregator business models will help in the fight against climate change while creating new business and value for all stakeholders. »

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Accelerated upscaling services for biomaterial start-ups

In this webinar you will get an overview to services VTT provides for biomaterial start-ups who wish to capture the full value of their concept and to accelerate an idea-to-product cycle.

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How to avoid production losses in extreme conditions?

Aging power plants are facing challenges to produce clean energy with high productivity and efficiency.

Find out how VTT ProperScan® helps to find the root cause of an unexpected problem »

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Digitalization of forest industries case: Digital Fiber ecosystem

The main themes of this webinar are new fiber-based materials, digitalization and business ecosystems.

Learn more about how digitalization can transform the forest industry radically »

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​​​​Hybrid ingredients for sustainable plant-based food

Can we reduce the ecological foot print of the food chain while securing healthy nutrition for the growing population?

Learn about plant based hybrid ingredients rich in protein with practical research results and innovation »

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Mastering shredder residues with organics

Improve your business by applying the most advanced technology to recover energy and materials from shredder residue by gasification based solution.

Find out about mastering shredder residues with gasification »

Piloting in technology transfer

In this webinar you will hear about the latest developments in the sustainable textile fiber production technologies.

Learn more about our textile pilot solutions »

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Printing in electronics

The webinar aims to introduce printed components for large area electronics with special focus on solution-processed metal oxide semiconductors for high-performance TFTs.

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Zero waste packa­ging: Biodegradable cushioning

Join the webinar and hear how fibre foams and biopolymers will transform the packaging industry.

Learn more about light-weight, bioinspired packaging solutions »

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Cellulose-based plastics

In this webinar, VTT will be releasing its latest results in cellulose-based thermoplastics development.

Join us to learn about how thermoplastic cellulose esters are transforming the industry »

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​​​3D printing of cellulosic materials

3D printing makes on-demand and on-site manufacturing possible, shortening the production chain and lowering the amount of waste produced.

Find out about enabling On-demand 3D production of novel applications »

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​​​On-site enzyme production to cut costs in biorefining

Have it your way – Produce your own enzymes locally and minimize their operational cost.

Learn how you can produce your own enzymes locally and minimize their operational cost »

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​​​Food without Fields

What if food could be produced without fields? What if biotechnology, cellular agriculture, could offer sustainable solutions for the future of food?

Learn more about cellular agriculture for sustainable food production »

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Strategic insights on electrical and mechanical energy storage

What kind of business can you do with energy storage? What technologies are available and what are emerging?

Learn more about electrical and mechanical energy storage and their applications »

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​​​Flexibility from bioenergy

Bioenergy, in its various forms, can eventually contribute to balancing the electricity grid as an effective, low carbon and low cost grid management and energy storage option.Sign up to find out what the role of bioenergy is in balancing the electricity grid and providing storage options »

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​​​Green plastics without the bio-premium

Using pectin and sugar, it is possible to prepare high quality materials that can be made into plastics for everyday applications.

Learn about how furandicar­boxylic acid (FDCA) and muconic acid are transforming the industry »

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​​Designer yeast for desirable beverages

How to realise the full potential of your beverage yeast without resorting to genetic modification? How to differentiate your product in a market where diversity is becoming the norm?

Click here for solutions for designing yeasts for the needs of the modern beverage fermentation industries »

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​​​Visions of an intelligent, consumer-centric food production

How can food be produced while fostering the Earth and its atmosphere? How and from where will we buy our food?

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​​​The future of biotech: A universal expression system to meet all needs

How to express genes in any host at any level without the limitations of native DNA sequences for production of enzymes, proteins or chemicals?

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​​​Cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) – a big hype or on the edge of a breakthrough?

This webinar reviews the status of cellulose nanofibril (CNF) research from an industrial perspective and demonstrates how scientific understanding can lead to breakthroughs.

Learn about the status of cellulose fibril research from an industrial perspective »

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​​​​​Low CAPEX solutions for thermochemical biorefinery investments

What are the global trends and patent environment of large biorefinery investments? How do you develop your biorefinery projects in changing business environment?

Find out how new technologies can convert residues and waste to high-value products »

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Biocomposites – Insights and Patent Landscape​​​

This webinar reviews the status of thermoplastic biocomposite research as well as the limitations and biggest challenges. The current research and industry trends will be highlighted by examining the patent landscape.

Join this webinar to learn how you can take advantage of the latest biocomposite developments »

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Value from lignin – Promises, challenges and breakthroughs​​​

This webinar reviews the status of latest technologies for the utilisation of lignin in a wide range of products and a patent landscape demonstration visualises the upcoming global trends in lignin applications.

Tune in to learn how to speed up development activities related to lignin valorisation »

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Cellulose in a circular economy – When will trash become cash?​​​

This webinar reviews the status of technology and novel solutions for fibre recycling to brand-new consumer products, materials and fuels.

Find out to speed up development activities related to waste fibres »

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Towards a vitality index? Predicting healthiness in food design

In this webinar we describe how we combine prediction of food digestion through the GI-tract with optimally chosen raw materials and food process development to promote consumer vitality.

Join the webinar to learn how to combine prediction of food digestion through the GI-tract »

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Cell factories – Beyond fossil oil based products

How can we replace petrochemicals with bio-based equivalents? What are the options for development of efficient cell factories? In this webinar we will describe the development of efficient cell factories for chemical production.

Sign up for insights on how cellular chemistry can be tailored to produce novel chemicals »

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Microbes – the new designers of food structure and taste

In this webinar you will hear how microbes can be utilised as natural bioprocessing tools for modification of food ingredients as well as for development of new products.

Find out how nature’s own tools can enable incorporation of high fibre and protein in your products »

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​​​Trichoderma Produced Proteins

What are the most commonly used protein cell factories? Which fungus is the world champion of the protein production world? What are the future trends and visions for protein cell factories?

Sign up to learn how systems and synthetic biology can help to fill the food protein gap, create new materials and provide renewable energy »

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