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Designing Cellulose for the Future III

09/01/2018 09:30 - 10/01/2018 16:00 Finlandia Hall

The Designing Cellulose for the Future III is the third design and materials research oriented seminar exploring the future applications of cellulose – the renewable Finnish natural resource. Come and discover a diverse range of new cellulose-based materials, and new technologies. 

The seminar takes place on Tuesday 9th January, please register before 20th December 2017. The seminar is free of charge, but a no show fee of 100€ will be charged in case participation isn’t cancelled in time.
The exhibition is open on both days.
• 9th January 2018 from 9 am to 6 pm
• 10th January 2018 from 9 am to 4 pm.
The exhibition is open to the public and no preregistration is required for it.
Tuesday 9th January 2018
9.30 On the Road: DWoC 2013-2018
9.40 Technology leaps for future applications of cellulose fibres
10.00 Designing with nanocellulose
  - Exploring nanocellulose for lightweight structures in hiking and sports
  - ‘Casted wood’ for indoor applications
  - Laminated structures for interior architecture
10.45 New approaches to processing of cellulosic materials
  - Foam formed acoustic elements
  - Novel nonwovens by foam forming
  - 3D printing of cellulosic materials
  - Up-scaling of the filament spinning process
11.45-13.00 Lunch + exhibition
13.00 Design met cellulose: embedding design in biomaterials research
13.25 Functionalising cellulose for textiles and other applications
  - Water stability and functional properties of cellulosic filaments
  - Conductive cellulose-based material for living spaces
  - Functional coatings from nanocellulose - fire protection and colour
14.15 -15.00 Coffee + exhibition
15.00 Exploring cellulose for fashion
  - Customizing textiles with 3D printing
  - How to wear old newspapers?
15.25 Business perspectives: what’s next
  - Promotor roles
  - Technology adoption
  - Towards New Cellulose Community
16.00 Closing the seminar
16-18 Exhibition continues - come to meet the experts
Wednesday 10th January 2018
9-16 Exhibition continues. You are welcome to see the demos and meet the experts, no pre-registration, just pop in!