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Smart materials

Get smart as your materials can be – contact VTT!

​Make your green, sustainable materials smart; improve the ‘intelligence’ of your materials using expertise at VTT in preparation of dendritic structures or self-assembling materials into sustainable molecular capsules or functional materials. Low-energy atomic interactions can be used to recognize or assemble your materials in ways you may not have imagined.

From functionality to applications

VTT has long experience in dendritic and self-assembling materials, including molecular capsules and other functionalized materials. In addition, functionalized materials such as antimicrobial, stimuli-responsive and durable surfaces, in vivo imaging molecules and polymeric sensors are under active research.

Recently VTT has also developed solutions to the membrane fouling problem in these key areas by developing new UF, MF, RO or FO membrane materials and surface modifications with improved anti-fouling performance.

From collaboration to results

In this area, VTT has state-of-the-art facilities from laboratory to pilot-scale including a full range of characterization and analysis instruments and skillful researchers. In addition, VTT has collaborated with numerous European research institutes and domestic and foreign universities as well as in several projects with many relevant customer sectors in the value chain, such as the metal and construction industries as well as kitchenware and tools.

Development work has been done in internal projects in cooperation with domestic industry in TEKES research programmes like FIMECC and international EU-projects.