Dive into Innovation: A Smart Water Webinar



With an ever-growing global population and the looming threat of climate change, the responsible management of drinking water is paramount. That’s why more efficient solutions are needed for water resource management.

Both water utilities and water-intensive industries need advanced and cost-efficient solutions for improving the efficiency of water management. Promising technologies for digital water management already exist, but their introduction is slowed down by challenges related to, for example, integration of technologies and concerns about cyber security. The Smart Water Management (SWIM) project, coordinated by VTT addresses these challenges by means of co-creation and demonstration. Through the SWIM project, technology solution providers were able to jointly develop and demonstrate new services and technologies to enhance the efficiency of water management with secure digital solutions.

Key topics

  • Discover the Smart Water Management (SWIM) project.
  • Explore concrete solutions developed by our partners: Pipelife, Keypro, and Elisa.
  • Gain insight into the future of smart water management through VTT's Future Radar.

Watch the webinar recording

Michael Hanf
Michael Hanf
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