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Wind power



Wind power leads the global growth of renewables

By 2030 wind power will grow to a major generation technology, expected to produce around 15 % of global electricity. The vide variety of market and climate conditions  creates market differentiation, new business opportunities and jobs both globally and locally in manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance.

We believe that new products and services based on combination of expertise on wind power technology, Big Data and Internet of Things will change the business landscape also in wind power. VTT is active in many international r&d networks to make the most of it to the benefit of our clients and partners.

Combine VTT's expertise with your needs

We have more than 25 years of experience of developing technology to create new business opportunities and to bring wind power cost competitive in power generation, especially in cold climates.


​​​Power system design and asset planning

  • Value of wind power generation
  • Electricity market impacts
  • Capacity adequacy
  • Electricity grid planning
  • IEA and EERA activities
​ ​​​

​​​Investment feasibility

  • Ice-fall and ice-throw risk assessment
  • Estimation of icing performance loss
  • Grid code compliance
  • Radar and TV interference
  • Noise assessment methodology
  • Site specific blade erosion analysis
​ ​​​

​​​Technology and innovations

  • Technologies for Cold Climates
  • Ice detection systems
  • IEC -Standards development and IEA-activities
  • Drivetrain solutions
  • Technology and markets foresight
​ ​​​

​​​Construction and installation

  • ​Sea ice loads
  • Off- and onshore foundation measurements and design
​ ​​​

Operation and maintenance

  • Production forecasting methods and icing
  • Smart decision-making for wind turbine O&M 
​ ​​​


​​Together, we can find the optimal solution to meet your product development, testing or engineering requirements. We can also collaborate with other research organizations that complement the services we offer.