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Cellulose dissolution technique

Turning old clothes into new fashions, over and over again

Recycled textiles cellulose dissolution technique

Using a cellulose dissolution technique developed by the VTT, old, worn-out cotton clothing can be turned into new fibers for the textile industry. ​

​VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd – the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries – is developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovative services.

VTT´s dissolution technology is an environmentally friendly solution for turning discarded textiles into a new fiber source for the textile industry. Used textiles, not recyclable by other means, can replace cotton and man-made fibers with no compromise in quality.

The increasing demand for textile fiber cannot be met by existing supply. Using recycled textiles as a raw material will both fulfill demand and address waste reduction. VTT is repurposing the cellulose carbamate processes that we have used successfully to make environmentally friendly viscose-like fibers from wood pulp, recycled paper and board materials.

We now have a state-of-the-art wet-spinning pilot facility for the production of textile fibers.

VTT is currently coordinating a circular economy related project of the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (TEKES) known as The Relooping Fashion Initiative.
Why dissolution?

  • Improve the quality of waste textiles
  • Shiny look, silky to the touch, excellent drapability!
  • Reduce water use by 70%
  • 50% lower carbon footprint
  • No poisonous chemicals


Benefit from VTT´s proprietary technology:

  • Scalable: proven to work at industrial scale
  • Plug-in solution for synthetic fiber factories
  • Leverage VTT´s multidisciplinary capability
  • Licensing opportunities


Business is circular!

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