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The key benefits of new, efficient and fossil-free energy solutions for mobile machines

Energy plays a critical role in our battle against the climate crisis. Unlike road transport, the non-road mobile machines don't have a clear path towards fossil-free energy solutions. The shift towards new energy solutions will bring new competitive benefits for companies across different industries. This white paper introduces the key benefits of electric future with mobile machines.

The mobile work machinery sector represents a significant energy consumer. To combat the climate crisis, it is critical to find more sustainable solutions for the sector.

The transformation provides companies great opportunities to achieve competitive benefits. For example, clean energy solutions for mobile work machinery will enable companies to increase their productivity due to better reliability and reduced downtime.

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This white paper explores 9 competitive benefits of fossil-free energy solutions and sheds light on the sectors that gain to benefit from the electric future. The white paper discusses the following topics.

  1. What does the transition to fossil-free energy solutions in the mobile work machinery sector look like?
  2. The many industrial sectors benefit from fossil-free energy solutions
  3. The benefits of an electric future
  4. Support for navigating the clean energy transition

We hope that this white paper is helpful if you are considering the possibilities of electrifying mobile work machines.

The white paper is useful for professionals in a wide range of industries.

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How VTT can help you?

At VTT, we have unique expertise in developing technologies and methods to replace fossil-fuel-based power sources. We know that new digital technologies and data are critical to increased efficiency and productivity both on a machine and a system level.

We provide the foresight and in-depth research you need for smart investments in future mobile machines.

Learn more about the key benefits of fossil-free energy solutions!

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