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A novel, modular electrolyzer system designed and developed from ground up for mass production.

Interest for green hydrogen projects is increasing globally due to sustainability goals and the rapid growth of renewable energy. However, materializing the interest is extremely challenging due to very long delivery times, high costs of hydrogen production technologies and expensive construction of hydrogen production plants.

One big reason for the challenges is the technology centricity of the industry. Moving from technology-first to customer-first approach helps not just with the system cost reduction, but also with the reduction of other upfront and operational costs. Coupled with specific focus on mass production targets, the novel system will reduce delivery and installation times and thus contribute to the uptake of the global green hydrogen industry.

The efforts leverage VTT’s over 20 years of expertise in hydrogen technologies, and close collaboration with component suppliers, specialized companies in design and manufacturing, and hydrogen customers.

Paul Hallanoro present the PEMEL Team

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