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Mukava’s patented electrode technology revolutionizes the measurements of biopotential signals in medical and wellness sectors. Mukava’s electrodes outperform the market leading hydrogel electrodes in performance and user comfort. - Say "YES" to Mukava and "NO" to bad signal quality and skin irritation.

The measurement of biopotential signals, such as ECG, EEG, EMG and EOG, is a widely employed method in health-care for illness diagnosis and patient state monitoring as well as in sport and wellbeing sectors to track performance, recovery, and physiological state of the body. 

Disposable pregelled Ag/AgCl electrodes are the currently mainstream method to create the electrical contact to skin to carry out these measurements. Pregelled Ag/AgCl electrodes, also called as “hydrogel” and ‘‘wet” electrodes rely on the conductive hydrogel to establish a good electrical contact with the skin. Despite current market domination, the hydrogel electrodes have numerous shortcomings such as dermal irritation, allergic reactions, wear discomfort, short shelf life time, and limited signal bandwidth.

We at Mukava have invented novel dry electrode technology which out performs the current hydrogel electrodes and provides better signal quality. In addition to better signal quality, Mukava electrodes tackle all the issues of hydrogel electrodes thus they do not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions while been comfortable to wear. Mukava electrodes are also price competitive and suitable for mass production.

Mukava have unfair advantage on disposable electrodes markets which in the year 2020 was 1100 M€ in medical sector and 140 M€ in wellness sector. The market is expected grow rapidly due to increasing need for long-term, continuous, and unsupervised monitoring of physiological data and blooming trends in self-health, wellness and biohacking.

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