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Would you like to be involved in discovering something new and finding solutions to the biggest global challenges of our time? Are you fascinated by applied research, science and technology? Come and build the future at VTT!

Open positions

Meaningful work to tackle global challenges

We let you think big. We want to solve the biggest global challenges of our time and transform business with the help of science and technology. That is why we are looking for curious minds to join us, who are always eager to learn and create something new together. We want you to challenge yourself, your colleagues and our customers to think outside the box – beyond the obvious. 

Watch the video and learn how one of our Team Leader, Sami, describes his own role as well as VTT’s work to tackle the biggest global challenges. 

Career stories

Research Scientist Vafa Järnefelt: The great thing about VTT is that it is impossible to get bored here

A little over a year and a half ago Vafa Järnefelt was about to graduate as Master of Environmental Sciences and dreaming about a job, where she would have a chance to do research on environmental affairs and apply the research in practice. Her colleagues at Finpro at the time recommended VTT, which in their opinion appeared well suited for Vafa.

A photo of VTT's research scientist Vafa Järnefelt.

Research Scientist Petri Tikka: Work at VTT increases intellectual capital

Research Scientist Petri Tikka started his career at VTT as a thesis worker in the Production and Machine Systems in 2015. His scope of work has been versatile: within four years, Petri has had a chance to work with such matters as requirement-based mechanical engineering, remote-controlled fusion reactor systems, and social, mobile and industrial robotics.

A photo of VTT's research scientist Petri Tikka and the Pepper robot.

The VTT team

What unites us at VTT are curiosity, a passion of learning and a devotion to finding solutions to global challenges and answers to our customers’ needs. We are constantly seeking for new innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers as well as research talents. We employ experienced researchers with deep substance knowledge as well as young professionals with motivation to grow and everything in between.  In addition to researchers, we employ a large pool of marketing, sales, communication, human resources, IT, business and financial administration professionals, who support the execution of high quality research. 

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Summer trainees

Are you looking for a trainee position with meaningful responsibilities and possibility to make an impact? At VTT you have an opportunity to be part of our innovative work community of brilliant minds, and learn and develop with the support of your team mates. We have over 2000 encouraging and inspiring colleagues from 47 different nationalities waiting for you across Finland!

Our previous trainees have described their experiences at VTT with feedback below:

”I’ve been involved to versatile different projects and to different level of work tasks.”

”It was an eye opening experience to be part of various research projects.”

Read more about our trainee opportunities, join us, and make an impact for a brighter future!

International talent at VTT – why choose Finland?

With clean nature, cutting-edge innovation and a high standard of living, Finland is a great place for taking your next career leap. And for expert researchers, there are few better places of work in Finland – or in the world – than VTT. VTT employs talent from all over the world and our staff is made up of over 55 different nationalities.

We support our international staff by covering the costs of relocation and offering help with practicalities like house-hunting and taxes. Could Finland be your next move?

Finnish nature

New Postdoctoral Programme launched

Woman holding a sample

VTT has launched a Postdoc Programme for building scientific excellence and to strengthen career paths from universities to VTT. We want to provide development opportunities for recent university PhDs in applied research and industry collaboration.

As a Postdoctoral Researcher, you will drive a sustainable future through applied research and innovation. Do you want to join us to create a meaningful impact on our customers and society?