Revolutionize your quantum experiments with VTT's state-of-the-art TWPA

VTT has been a pioneer in superconducting quantum devices since the 1990s. Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated through our operation of the largest research clean room in the Nordic countries, complete with wafer-level processing equipment. Our team of over 250 dedicated researchers is focused on advancing microelectronics and quantum technologies, making us a trusted name in the field.

Advanced technology for precise quantum experiments

Our TWPA represents the forefront of quantum technology. Our traveling wave parametric amplifiers are specifically designed for signal bands between 4 - 8 GHz. The unique three-wave mixing approach positions the pump frequency between 9 - 13 GHz, ensuring low interference with the signal band. This innovative design is complemented by our patented on-chip bias line, which significantly reduces fringing fields and allows for denser integration than traditional external coils.

Product specifications

Frequency Range: 4 - 8 GHz for signal bands.
Pump Frequency: 9 - 13 GHz.

Patented On-Chip Bias Line technology for minimized fringing fields.

Each unit is individually cryo tested and calibrated.

Ready for use right out of the box with proprietary packaging, optional magnetic shielding, and cabling.

Advantages of choosing our TWPA

We have a track record of successfully delivering over 100 TWPAs to commercial partners globally. The device is operable at constant magnetic flux bias current, pump frequency, and pump power values, with the flexibility to modulate pump parameters on qubit-experiment-compatible timescales. Notably, a single TWPA can efficiently handle the read-out of signals from multiple frequency-multiplexed qubits, streamlining your quantum experiments.

Amplify your quantum development with VTT!

Interested in elevating your quantum experiments with our cutting-edge TWPA? Connect with us to discover how our technology can be integrated into your research or download our TWPA product sheet.

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