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4 feedstocks and technologies to decarbonise the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies worldwide are now actively exploring new non-fossil feedstocks, such as waste plastic, biomaterials, and hydrogen. With the price of CO2 emissions sharply rising, solid decarbonisation strategies are needed.

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Oil refineries are in front of an unprecedented challenge to convert processes to use sustainable raw materials instead of fossil crude oil.

So far, alternative feedstocks have been mostly biomass-based. Today, so-called e-fuels and waste valorisation have become the hottest topics in discussion.

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In this white paper, you will benefit from VTT's expertise around four feedstocks and technologies:

  • Waste plastics
  • E-fuels
  • Lignocellulose biomass
  • Municipal solid waste

You will learn about the basics, such as the pros and cons of each alternative, as well as get an update on the current status of these processes and ongoing research efforts.

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