Smart City energy solutions



​Build Smart City energy systems

City energy systems consist of interconnected sub-systems that often do not take advantage of joint efficiencies. VTT enables cities and energy providers to create innovative, resource-efficient energy solutions at the city and district level.

Use advanced modeling to optimise your municipal energy systems

A holistically optimised energy system takes environmental, economic and social factors into account. It makes use of smart system solutions for added residence.

One thing that we do very well at VTT is optimise existing municipal energy systems, which are typically a combination of centralised and de-centralised systems. This often entails involving our urban planning team.

Another strength is integrating renewable energy sources into the mix. We use big data modeling to ensure the interoperability of various systems and subsystems, resulting in an overall energy system that performs at a very high level.

Engage VTT for cost-efficient, low carbon solutions

VTT provide innovative services that meet the energy needs of municipalities and districts as they evolve. The advanced technologies and computer modeling that we employ result in cost-efficient low carbon solutions.

When you are ready to streamline your municipality's energy system mix, choose VTT for holistic, thoroughly modeled municipal energy system planning. 



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