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Meeting tomorrow's built environment needs

VTT helps organizations to meet tomorrow's built environment needs with high-end technologies and cost-efficient low carbon solutions. We work with partners and customers to improve life in cities through industry-led innovation.

Our goal is to accelerate the full-scale deployment and integration of economic, social and environmental solutions for a better quality of life. The sustainable cities of the future provide carbon neutral living, working and leisure space supported by smart technologies that serve the needs of all.

​Custom built environment processes, innovative services

VTT offers reliable, tailored solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs, including energy efficiency, information management, building information modelling (BIM) and simulation, participatory design support and real estate systems .

We have developed  zero energy buildings and districts. In addition we have created innovative procurement rules ofr urban planning.

Our experts take a model-based approach to design, smart energy solutions and life cycle thinking—things that together form the cornerstone of sustainable development. VTT tailors solutions for buildings, infrastructure and energy systems in close collaboration with our clients and end users. We are using BIM models from design phase in optimizing and forecasting the energy use of building and building blocks. We have also created self-learning systems for energy management.

Engage VTT for high performance planning

When you need to plan the development of high performance communities and buildings, VTT is at your service. Leverage our deep expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for greater success in your building project.



​​​Building performance optimization

​​By building optimization, it is possible to find optimal values of the design variables among huge numbers of possible combinations of the variables.

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​​​​District energy system modelling and simulation

​The Apros® District tool, available through the services of VTT, is a high-fidelity dynamic simulation product to be used in planning, decision support and risk assessment of district-level energy systems.

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​​​High-Quality indoor environment

VTT offers optimized solutions for improving the health, well-being and thermal satisfaction both in homes and offices.

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​​​Modelling of the built environment

The use of ​Building information modelling (BIM) enables effective information management and effective working processes over the lifetime of building, infrastructure and city-scale projects.

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​​​​Smart buildings

VTT offers tools for innovative management and control systems capable to optimize the local energy consumption without compromising the indoor environment, occupant comfort and building performance.

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​​​Smart districts

VTT offers holistic expertise on efficient energy systems at different levels: cities, districts and buildings.

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​​​Sustainability assessment

Sustainability assessments at VTT cover the whole path from raw material extraction to building material production, and from construction of buildings, infrastructural projects, or city districts until the end of their designed service life

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​​​Infrastructure solutions

Our integration of advanced geotechnical and structural engineering research, innovative material solutions for infrastructure, and multi-scale monitoring and modelling technologies delivers reliable knowledge for planning and conducting infrastructure management throughout lifecycles.

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