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VTT has named independent partners to investigate issues related to research ethics and management practises


Professors Mäkinen and Huhtaniemi and Attorney Kela have been named as rapporteurs

VTT asks for evaluation related to suspicions about research integrity. Suspicions towards the diabetes research case are so serious that VTT has decided to start a new investigation accordant with good research policy. VTT has asked two independent partners to investigate the publication and related evaluations and give their evaluation if suspicions about research integrity presented in media are justified. The evaluation will be done by Professors Ville-Petteri Mäkinen from South Australian Health & medical Research Institute (SAHMRI, Australia) and Emeritus Professor Ilpo Huhtaniemi from Imperial College London (UK).

In previous years there was internal tension in the VTT's former Human metabolomics research group relating to leadership and people's interaction. VTT has chosen Attorney Oili Kela to conduct an investigation on how these issues were handled by the management. Kela has a long and versatile experience of board and management related investigation tasks and trials. In VTT's investigation Kela will specifically focus on the work atmosphere problems, analysis from the leadership point of view and procedures. 

VTT takes seriously both management practises and research ethics. These evaluations help us to get an overall picture of the situation and develop our operation further.