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VTT TechTalks

01/12/2017 10:00 - 01/12/2017 11:00 Tietotie 3, Espoo, Micronova building

VTT TechTalks

Are you curious to know about the new companies they enable? You are welcome to attend our monthly TechTalk! Check the list of our former speakers below.

We focus on technology for business, visions and calls for collaborations. Do you want to speak about your technology or your company? We want to hear from you! Please contact us. Participation is free and open to all. #VTTechTalks

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When and where

Every last Friday of the month, from 10:00 to 11:00 with the exception of June, July and December. 

The presentations last 20 min. The allocated question time is an extra 10 min. There are 1 or 2 speakers per TechTalk.

​Address: Tietotie 3, Espoo, Micronova building.

Details for presenters

In case the presenter is a partner or company, the suggested content is the company's vision to be enabled by technological innovation.

In the case the presenter is from VTT or University, the suggested content is the team/group's core competencies, realisations and fruitful multidisciplinary collaborations.

Open proposals and visionary presentations are welcome.

The presenters have to make sure that the slides do not contain any confidential information and are very comprehensible for a broad set of experts. Topics have to be popularised to a certain extent.

The presentation should be in Microsoft Powerpoint format with all embedded media. Please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick. VTT's PC is used for presenting (VTT streaming /recording).

With the speaker's permission, we record the presentations for further sharing on demand within the VTT IT system. The files are available for the speakers own use or further sharing if they so desire.

List of previous speakers

  • Hyperspectral camera, from an idea to a medical product | Ari Kukkonen | Revenio Oy
  • Challenges of High-Tech SMEs in Finland​ | Konstantinos Spartiotis | Athlos Oy
  • VTT Neurosensing lab | Johanna Närväinen |VTT
  • 5G overview and potential for Finland | Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä | VTT
  • Microfluidics applications in biomedicine | Päivi Saavalainen| University of Helsinki
  • Making of Bioeconomy Transformation | Jussi Manninen | VTT
  • On the quest for the Pan-European smartphone | Alejandro Santacreu | PuzzlePhone
  • High performance graphene sensors | Tapani Ryhänen | CEO | Emberion Oy
  • Sigfox LPWA as a mass market IoT enabler | Markku Patronen | Founder | Connected Finland Oy
  • Transparent and flexible thermoelectrics for touch recognition and thermal mapping applications.| Taneli Juntunen M.Sc. (Tech.)| Micro and Quantum Systems Group| Aalto University
  • Life after Microsoft and Nokia: Start-up as second career | Mika Kuisma| CEO | Grundium
  • MEMS-in-TEM for In Situ Observation of Nano Contacts | Professor Hiroyuki Fujita | University of Tokyo
  • Foller: Cutting Down Food Waste by Utilizing Smart Packaging and IoT | Tomi Kankainen | Director Development and Technology| Link Design and Development Oy
  • Getting the Industrial Physical Phenomena to the Useful Business Information | Esa Viljamaa| Industrial Internet of Things Research Team| Research Team Leader | Lifetime Management| VTT
  • Environmental Metrology for the Future | Martti Heinonen| Research Team Leader| Environmental Metrology | VTT MIKES Metrology
  • Silicon photonics: From basic research to big business | Timo Aalto| Research Team Leader, DSc | Photonics Integration| VTT
  • Development of Silicon Detectors in Helsinki Detector Laboratory | Eija Tuominen | Docent of Instrumentation | Helsinki Institute of Physics| University of Helsinki
  • Ultrafast Photonics Based on Two-dimensional Layered Materials | Zhipei Sun | Associate Professor| Department of Micro- And Nanosciences| Aalto University
  • Silicon integration to printed and flexible electronics using roll to roll process | Antti Kemppainen | Printed and Hybrid Functionalities | VTT
  • Piezoelectric thin films and piezo-MEMS devices – Manufacturing and applications | Tuomas Pensala | Thin Film Devices | VTT
  • Quantitiative metrology in the nanometer range | Virpi Korpelainen | Length metrology | VTT
  • Future Trend in Material Sensing - Advanced MEMS Spectral Sensors | Jarkko Antila | M.Sc. (Tech.)| CEO | Spectral Engines Oy
  • Towards Zero Power Sensor Networks | Nadine Pesonen | D.Sc. (Tech). M.E.M | Intelligent Sensor Systems| VTT Ltd
  • High resolution tools for nanomaterials characterization |Professor Janne Ruokolainen| Nanomicroscopy center| Aalto university.
  • Electrochemical detection of biomolecules | Tomi Laurila | Aalto University
  • VTT Radiation Detectors | Xiaopeng Wu | VTT
  • Sencio packaging capabilities | Ignas Van Dommelen | Sencio
  • Mikes | Heikki Isotalo | Mikes
  • Single-walled carbon nanotube network | Antti Kaskela | Aalto University 
  • What is stability | Tomi Salo | Vaisala
  • Active Microfluidics | Jaap den Toonder | EUT |Philips
  • VTT Recombinant antibodies | Tarja Nevanen | VTT
  • Microsystems Integration | Tapani Ryhänen | Nokia research Center
  • Human Spare Parts | Pasi Kallio | TUT
  • Skunk - The missing link | Erkki Seppäläinen | Skunk developments
  • TreLab | Kimmo Saarela | Trelab
  • Printed diagnostics platform | Leena Hakalahti | VTT
  • X-Ray cameras | Sami Vähänen | Advacam  
  • Goodbye Petri Dish | Matthias Nees | VTT
  • VTT Silicon Nanofabrication facilities | Ulrika Gyllenberg | VTT 
  • Quantum Computing Devices | M. Mottonen | Aalto University
  • MOEMS and bio|chemical sensors | Anna Rissanen | VTT 
  • Single electron devices | Panu Koppinen | VTT
  • Systems Biology for Personalised Medicine | Matej Oresic | VTT
  • Fluidics and Cellomics | Sami Franssila | Aalto University
  • Biomolecular materials | Markus Linder | VTT/ Aalto University
  • Superhydrophobicity |Robin Ras | Aalto University
  • Electromechanical films | Mika Paajanen | VTT 
  • On the MINIGAS Project | Pentti Karioja | VTT
  • Sensing solutions programme 2011-2013 | Mikko Juuti | VTT
  • Kristiina Takkinen | Diagnostic Platform Technologies at VTT
  • Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel | Microsystems Integration and Reliability | Aalto University
  • Murata Electronics | Heikki Kuisma | From VTI to Murata
  • Okmetic: Big picture and vision | Markku Tilli | Okmetic
  • Tuomas Pensala | RF Devices | VTT
  • Nanoelectronics | Mika Prunnila | VTT
  • From low temperature quantum electronics | Panu Helistö | VTT
  • III-Nitrides Research in Micronova | Sami Suihkonen
  • 3D Integration | Sami Vähänen | VTT
  • Active Silicon Devices | Simo Eränen | VTT
  • Adaptive Radios | Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä | VTT
  • Photonics and microfluidics | Timo Aalto | VTT
  • Antennas and Applied Electromagnetics | Jouko Aurinsalo | VTT
  • MEMS | Jyrki Kiihamäki | VTT
  • System Integrated Circuits | Kari Tukkiniemi | VTT
  • Laser interferometric characterization of surface vibrations in micro- and nanostructures | Kimmo Kokkonen | Aalto University
  • Functional solutions based on printed biocatalysts | Maria_Smolander | VTT
  • Photonic Sensors and Modules | Jarkko Antila | VTT
  • MEMS and NEMS activities at CEA-LETI | Jean-Philippe Polizzi| CEA-LETI
  • Contract manufacturing through VTT MEMSFAB Ltd | Hannu Kattelus | VTT
  • Printed_Organic_Logic | Henrik_Sandberg | VTT
  • Research in Micro and Quantum Systems Group | Ilkka Tittonen | Aalto University
  • MEMS Sensors | Anu Kärkkäinen | VTT


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