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VTT spin-offs in optical sensing are now represented in Central Europe by “OptoSolutions”


VTT’s measurement technologies have provided a good basis for new spin off companies in recent years. More than 10 instrument companies are seeking markets for their innovative products. Five of these companies are aiming to enter Central European markets together.

The latest VTT spin-off companies Helmee Imaging and Advacam are joining the Optosolutions scheme for supporting the sales and marketing of the companies in Central Europe. The OptoSolutions activity is run by Dr Mauri Aikio, former VTT employee with 20 years of experience in developing optical measurement technologies, sensors and systems for industry. Dr Aikio is running his OptoSolutions service from Bochum, Germany and is supporting the customer relations of the participating companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The current OptoSolutions scheme is organized as a joint export promotion project, where the costs are jointly covered by the participating companies, supported by a grant from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM). Thanks to recent changes and additions to the participating companies, the current partners are all SME companies established on the basis of VTT technologies, and they are offering supplementary technology solutions based on optical and sensing innovations for industrial quality control and R&D needs:

  • Advacam Oy: noise-free, high contrast x-ray sensors and cameras for especially light weight material inspection and radiation analysis

  • BioNavis Oy: Multi Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance Analysers for molecular interactions and material properties measurement of very thin layer structures (0.5 nm – 4 um)

  • FocalSpec Oy: Lateral Chromatic Imager Sensors for fast surface topography, tomography and material thickness measurements

  • Helmee Imaging Oy: Covered Stereo Deflectometry Systems are capable of measuring the 3D shape of glossy and mirror-like surfaces and inspecting tiny defects in the surface

  • Rikola Oy: the world’s smallest hyperspectral camera for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for remote sensing and industrial inspection.

The precise content of this venture is planned specifically with each individual participation SME company. Typically, the content covers finding new customers, a local distributor, new applications for the products, carrying out market surveys, competitor analysis, as well as common marketing efforts such as having a booth at trade fairs. According to Mr Sauli Törmälä, President of FocalSpec and Chairman of the Board of Bionavis, Optosolutions offers an excellent and cost-effective route for small start-up companies to enter into and be present in the new market areas. With the recent changes in the member companies, the Optosolutions group has reached an excellent synergy between the companies, which is extremely important in successful co-marketing of the products of different companies.

Dr Aikio has an excellent background in optical sensing technology, thanks to his previous career at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland from 1987 to 2012, when he developed optical sensors and instruments for a wide range of industrial, medical diagnostic and military applications. During his VTT years, Dr Aikio developed a “Hyper spectral prism-grating-prism imaging spectrograph”, which was later commercialized by Specim Ltd, a VTT spin-off founded in 1995.

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