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Traffic safety



VTT's expertise in traffic safety

VTT is active in traffic safety R&D. Together with our customers we develop traffic safety management and impact assessments tools that are widely recognized. For example, the TARVA project conducted impact evaluations for national traffic safety plans and developed tools for the safety evaluation of road and rail improvements.

A full range of traffic safety capabilities

Our most important areas of research in the traffic safety field are safety strategies and management, driver and other road user behaviour, traffic monitoring, and rail and maritime transport. Collecting driver behaviour and traffic information opens up new opportunities for improving traffic safety.

Choose VTT to solve complex traffic safety issues​

VTT provides reliable answers to difficult and complex questions. One example of our capabilities is the national Traffic Safety 2025 research programme, a joint initiative between private businesses and transport safety authorities, which VTT has been coordinating for seven years. VTT is also active in European traffic safety networks, such as FERSI and ECTRI.​