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Transport solutions of tomorrow



New technology and services enable more efficient and environmentally friendly transport and logistics systems. VTT know-how combines advanced technology and methods, business expertise and a deep understanding of value chains to deliver the transport solutions of tomorrow.

VTT: transport specialists

VTT is active in all forms of terrestrial transport, both passenger and freight. Our specific areas of expertise are road safety, transport system development, logistics, smart transport, vehicle systems and service research.

Examples of our services include transport information services and transport management development, impact assessments, simulation and calculation tools, new service concept development, extensive field operations tests, reports to support decision-making and the development of transport chains.

Building the transportation landscape of the future

VTT is building a future where transport is more of a service. The proportion of public transport and carpooling in densely populated urban areas will increase. Mobility through easy-to-use services will become a viable alternative to buying a private vehicle.

The transport landscape that we envision will be a fusion of sustainable energy sources, advanced technology, safety, high service levels, mobility alternatives and new ways of operating.

Choose VTT for technological advancement in transport

The implementation of the transport-as-a-service concept is an important change. VTT contributes to its development from the perspective of technological advancement, the structure of the service ecosystem, and evaluative research. We have developed several tools and techniques for improving road safety and the transport system that have been successfully implemented both in Finland and abroad.

​The most notable technologies that VTT has developed include the automated emergency messaging system (eCall), interoperable systems, and technologies that pertain to road conditions and ice detection. On the freight transport side, our strength lies in developing technologies that promote the safety and automation of transport chains.

​We help transport​ clients succeed​

We help clients to do many things. We help them develop new products and solutions. We help commercialise technology through impact assessments, service development, field testing, background reports and research to support decision-making. We also provide services related to international transport, especially projects concerning transport corridors across Europe and in Russia. Engage VTT today to speed you towards success!


​​​Intelligent transport

​The goal of intelligent transport solutions is to give road users a choice between several user-friendly services that help them to combine the most suitable means of transport from multiple options.

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Automated vehicles

​We are developing new technologies for modern vehicles both in the automotive and heavy work machine industry domains.

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​​​Traffic safety

​Our most important areas of research in the traffic safety field are safety strategies and management, driver and other road user behaviour, traffic monitoring, and rail and maritime transport

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​​​Electric bus systems

VTT is your partner of choice in planning and design of urban electric bus systems as well as electrification of other commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

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​​​Transport system

VTT promotes and facilitates development of sustainable transport systems. We help regional, national and EU-level public sector organisations and businesses to move towards sustainable mobility.

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VTT has solid technological expertise in logistics including monitoring, automated identification, electronic information exchange, security technologies and energy-efficiency solutions for heavy transport.

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