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Smart governance is about agile decision-making and joint planning



At the heart of many smart city initiatives is the ambition to deliver sustainable high-quality services for the citizens and businesses. This requires all decision-makers to align their goals and work together in the planning of city services.

For efficiency and smart use of the city resources, synergistic interactions between different city services systems should be carefully utilised. This requires close collaboration across different departments within the city as well as with different government agencies. For the best results, urban planning should also include citizen participation. Highly participatory operations require agile processes and plenty of information, accounting all the different perspectives, for the basis of decision-making. 

Streamlining decision-making for ultimate transparency

Co-creation can be a highly productive way to design sustainable and resource-efficient city services and incorporate new innovations into urban planning. Opening up decision-making processes to all the stakeholders, including citizens, requires ultimate transparency, but should result in a high level of satisfaction.

Updating the city’s decision-making practices may require investments into new collaboration platforms, data management tools, and a number of other technological solutions. However, the adoption of new solutions is often hampered by the complexity of urban systems, incumbent technology and existing infrastructure. 

Supporting sustainability with holistic reforms

Through prior involvement in numerous smart city initiatives, we have learned efficient ways to execute change initiatives. We can help you turn your smart city vision into an optimal reality, maximise the impact of investments and ensure their long-term sustainability. We have developed innovative ways of connecting and improving core city service systems, and can use this experience to help you design, execute and manage development initiatives and adopt smarter, more efficient governance practices.

​We offer a range of services and solutions to bring you a broader understanding of different city ecosystems, and the operations, supply chains and business development processes within. Our tools are designed to help you gain actionable insights from vast data flows and follow the sustainability indicators that actually matter.

Accelerating collaboration, implementation and optimised results

We have created an open and modular interoperability environment to expedite the adoption of smart city solutions and help ensure benefits to all stakeholders. We can help carry out impact and risk assessments, pre- and post-evaluations as well as optimisation of costs and targets.

To support smoother and faster adoption of new innovations, we can introduce new, more efficient project delivery models, such as public-private partnerships as well as innovative procurement processes with interoperability requirements. We help increase efficiency, avoid technology lock-in and ensure smooth interoperability with the use of standardised data models, information exchange interfaces and systems and open standards. 

​​​CityTune KPI

The CityTune KPI helps manage smart city activities and investments cohesively; assess impacts, set targets and monitor progress of individual projects across the city. It provides relevant data in easily understandable form to support city decision-making and help communicate the impacts of the development activities.

​​​Cyber security

VTT is a trusted partner for companies and various organisations in research and development related to cyber and information security. Our services include different information security analyses, assessments and testing as well as risk analyses and, on the basis of these, assesses system architectures and their implementation.

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​​​Risk assessment

Safe and reliable processes, systems and product life cycles are necessary to ensure business continuity in the rapidly evolving global markets. Efficient risk management can lower system costs, increase customer satisfaction and bring competitive advantage.

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​We help you prepare for the future

We can help you across all key areas in smart city development with unique insights from numerous research initiatives and real-world deployments. We support you in strategic decision-making, and help identify the issues that need fixing to ensure smooth progress in the future. We can also help you.

Turn to us when you need a reliable partner for choosing the most lucrative smart city development paths. 

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