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District energy system modelling and simulation


District energy system modelling and simulation

Efficient and environmental friendly energy solutions have gained increased importance in the planning and design of urban areas. The Apros® District tool, available through the services of VTT, is a high-fidelity dynamic simulation product to be used in planning, decision support and risk assessment of district-level energy systems. The tool provides an integrated environment for the modelling of production, distribution, storage and consumption of energy in different forms, and their conversions.

VTT offers:

  • Support for decision making, and assessing feasibility of district heating and other energy systems.
  • Methods, guidelines, tools for choosing optimal energy system and for assessing the feasibility of district heating and other energy systems.
  • Support for more sufficient analysis of risk assessment in turbulent energy market conditions
  • Support to reduce peak power demand through efficient planning
  • Support in road mapping strategic energy scenarios
  • Support for strategic scenarios and choosing optimal energy system
  • Supporting feasibility analysis for new ways of making combined building- and energy business
  • Impact analysis and virtual demonstration of renewables, smart grid, smart plant or energy storage solutions


Simulation is an invaluable tool in the design of measurements, control systems and information views, as well as checking up the dimensioning of energy storages and other equipment.  Apros can for example be used to test development concepts for integration of renewable energy production, peak handling, smart energy grids & storages and energy market rules. Major engineering decisions can be supported in an early design phase by executing scenarios based on weather and consumer data, disturbances and malfunctions.