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Smart energy combines clean, renewable sources to flexible and secure supply



There are a number of reasons and ways to develop smarter and more sustainable energy systems. First, by introducing a renewable energy mix, combining for example solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy. Then, by introducing smart networks and management systems that combine electricity, heating and cooling. Possibilities of energy storages and demand-side management, and even building-level energy harvesting and recycling can be part of the final solution. The greatest benefits, however, will be achieved with holistic energy planning carried out from a system point of view.

Planning city- and district-level energy solutions that result in maximum efficiency involves uniting various stakeholders. While utilities need to modernise existing power plants and increase the share of renewable energy production, they also need to co-operate with city officials and construction companies who are developing zero-energy buildings and areas that enable flexible use, production and recycling of energy. City officials and urban planners need to work together with utilities and construction companies to ensure interoperability with current and future city and district-level systems and help meet low-carbon goals.

Increasing efficiency with holistic planning

Future-proofing operations requires environmental, economic and social factors to be taken into account in all new and re-developments. Energy utilities must develop highly resilient and efficient infrastructure, secure supply and reduce reliance on fossil fuels by introducing a mix of clean sustainable energy.

Smart energy is not just about efficient provision, it is about maximising gains; increasing the efficiency of processes brings better cost control and increases transparency.

Optimising energy systems for maximum gains 

We believe in holistic optimisation and joint planning. The optimisation of energy systems and solutions is highly location-dependent and relies on joint efficiencies through various levels: city, district and building. With vast expertise from both research and implementation projects, we know how to factor in local conditions to find the optimum solution for each situation.

We can help you plan, design, implement and manage smart energy solutions. We optimise efficiency and costs, system requirements, storages and control and management systems based on location-specific characteristics and constraints.  

Supporting implementation and decision-making with advanced tools 

We have advanced simulation tools to help find the optimum solutions for city-level eco-efficiency. They can be used to find the most suitable combination of e.g building-integrated renewables and existing demand, supply and infrastructure.o.

To support decision-making, we can help carry out feasibility and risk assessments as well as market and impact analysis. Our insight on policy development provides a context to analyse long-term decisions on developing an energy system.

Smart district

We have a wide selection of services available to help you create energy-efficient smart districts. Our holistic expertise on energy systems includes all relevant levels: cities, districts and buildings.

Our multidisciplinary approach, the unique combination of in-depth research and innovative hi-tech implementations will benefit you all the way from strategic road mapping to implementation of the optimal system. We have researched low-carbon energy and energy efficiency in several EU and domestic level programmes. The feasibility studies and implementation projects have provided us with vast experience, both in Finland and globally.
Turn to us when you need a reliable partner for the development of smart energy.

Future energy systems

We provide energy system modernisation services for all operating environments. We are part of the leading edge of major transformation occurring right now within the energy sector.

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​​​Wind energy


We offer forefront expertise in the areas of wind power system integration and wind power technology in cold climates. We have services for the whole wind power value chain.

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​​​Solar energy

Solar power and heat have a huge potential in fulfilling the future energy needs. The new technologies and solutions are needed to utilise this potential. The clean and renewable energy from sun is there waiting for utilization.

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