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CityTune® KPI – actionable insights from your smart city data


​​Alike any business manager who wants to make sound decisions, city planners and decision-makers are looking for data to provide actionable insights. The increase in smart tools and solutions has, however, resulted in an unmanageable amount of unstructured data.

We wanted to help city managers gain all the information they need by integrating the data flows from scattered city functions into one place. We developed the CityTune® KPI, a smart city performance assessment indicator tool. 

Smart city performance assessment framework

VTT CityTune® KPI helps manage smart city activities and investments cohesively; set targets, assess impacts and monitor progress. It provides relevant data in easily understandable form to support city decision-making and help communicate the impacts of development activities.

The tool is based on an ETSI-standardised indicator framework, which we developed in collaboration with 50 cities after analysing their needs and 40 existing indicator frameworks. We have integrated all the diverse areas of smart cities into one indicator framework to support holistic management of the city. We can also help in centralising related data management practices to improve the efficiency of processes and achieve cost savings. With quantifiable results, the impact assessments of smart city implementations become comparable across Europe.

We can help you select the most appropriate performance indicators for your city’s needs, set appropriate targets, and collect and calculate the data. We can also support you in turning the data to insights that can be utilized in practice, whether you are looking to achieve growth, cost savings, increased transparency or better services.

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