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Sustainability assessment of buildings and urban planning


Sustainability assessments at VTT cover the whole path from raw material extraction to building material production, and from construction of buildings, infrastructural projects, or city districts until the end of their designed service life.

VTT provides the following services in the field of sustainability assessment of buildings and built environment

  • assessment of environmental burdens and peer reviewing of environmental assessment results
  • development of environmental classification systems for built environment and buildings
  • development of sustainability indicators for built environment, buildings and processes
  • development and utilization of ISO 14040 based life cycle assessment methods for the assessment of building products and buildings
  • development of tools to enable effective utilization of life cycle information


VTT has developed a set of sustainability assessment tools, which combine our scientific expertise with up-to date information. The most recent tools include:

  • carbon footprint calculation in BIM-environment (ILMARI) and
  • E-PASS tool for the energy, GWP and cost assessment of refurbishment alternatives.


These tools are web-based services and require a user name.

We develop and customize assessment tools for the needs of clients and have a portfolio of different kinds of tools for research use. The latter include for instance:   

  • environmental assessment of building products and structures (such as Bertta, BeCost, €CO2)
  • systematic management of building project requirements (EcoProp and Needscape)
  • service-life assessment and management of building structures (ENNUS®-tools and LifePlan).