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Smart districts


More than half of the world's population lives in urban areas and as long as the urbanization trend continues, this share will increase. The increasing demand for energy in cities requires efficient use of energy.  VTT offers holistic expertise on efficient energy systems at different levels: cities, districts and buildings.

We provide the following services to create effective, smart districts:

  • Planning and optimisation of energy use of buildings and districts
  • Planning of cost effective, localized solutions for energy systems
  • Optimization of energy systems
  • Integration of cooling, heating and power, including supply, demand and production management
  • Integration of assessment and design tools for the city level eco efficiency
  • User behavior models for home, buildings or districts
  • Decision support


VTT prepare the solutions in co-creation with the end users and stakeholders in energy chain. The solutions could include e.g. building integrated renewables, matching of energy demand and supply, the use of energy storages and smart control and management for energy systems.