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Infrastructure solutions

Cutting-edge expertise for infrastructure life time management

Innovative technologies for infrastructure
lifetime management

VTT is at the forefront of civil infrastructure research, providing robust, versatile solutions for the built environment. Our integration of advanced geotechnical and structural engineering research, innovative material solutions for infrastructure, and multi-scale monitoring and modelling technologies delivers reliable knowledge for planning and conducting infrastructure management throughout lifecycles. We provide services for designers, builders, owners, and users of infrastructure including municipalities, building and real estate owners, transport agencies, building materials producers, the construction industry, the energy sector, waste management organizations, regulatory authorities, and others.

Our research, development and implementation expertise in material science and infrastructure performance is extensive:

  • Sustainable, resource-efficient use of raw materials and composites, including development of eco-efficient cementitious alternatives and new material recycling technologies
  • Performance assessment and design of infrastructure materials (steel, concrete, rock, soil and clay, timber)
  • Development and design support for novel construction products, based on new stainless steels, ultra-high strength steels, high performance steels and steel based composites
  • Geological site characterization and associated geophysical, geotechnical, and hydrogeochemical analyses, predictive multi-scale surface and groundwater modelling and monitoring, and flood prediction
  • Development and validation of smart urban infrastructure solutions to support climate adaptation and resilience to natural disasters, including earthquakes and urban flooding
  • Multi-scale monitoring and modelling of infrastructure performance and safety, including wireless sensors and network systems for structures and underground facilities
  • Infrastructure service life design, durability phenomena modelling and maintenance/repair optimization
  • Safety assessment of infrastructure subjected to exceptional loads and extreme environments, including risk assessments and adaptive engineering design

Multidisciplinary expertise supporting Finnish competitiveness

VTT actively generates and promotes the adoption of novel Finnish technologies for the built environment at a national and international scale. Eco-efficient, safe and adaptable infrastructure solutions are essential for sustainable urban development. VTT applies broad, multidisciplinary expertise to address critical infrastructure needs in order to develop pioneering technologies for the future built environment aligned with the needs of business, society and the environment. Our experts actively collaborate with colleagues around the world to integrate multidisciplinary knowledge and deliver innovative infrastructure solutions.

VTT has extensive capability in civil infrastructure research including more than 15 000 m2 of modern laboratory and testing facilities. We work across multiple spatial scales from nanoscale laboratory studies and virtual multi-dimensional modelling, to full-scale structural investigations using our unique multi-storey test facility. VTT collaborates widely, contributing multidisciplinary expertise to deliver effective solutions which address contemporary challenges. We are trusted advisors to business, industry, government agencies, and regulatory bodies, both domestically and internationally. Our experts actively participate in several high-level initiatives and knowledge platforms related to the built environment.