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High-Quality indoor environment


​People spend 90% of their time inside buildings. The quality of the indoor environment is therefore of high importance. A good indoor quality raises the living comfort in homes and promotes the productivity of personnel in office buildings. Productivity losses and additional sick-leave costs due to non-optimal indoor temperature levels can be more than 10% of the labor costs.

VTT offers optimized solutions for improving the health, well-being and thermal satisfaction both in homes and offices. A healthy and comfortable indoor environment is the key goal when our experts develop buildings for different purposes.

We are using the following solutions for increasing productivity in new and renovated working premises:

  • Indoor Environment Quality calculation tool AIRLOG
  • Individual thermal environment HTM
  • Lighting+
  • Smart Clothing Ecosystem
  • Indoor air quality simulator SISSI


Individual thermal environment HTM

Individual characteristics, such as age, gender and muscularity, have strong impacts on human thermal sensation. Human Thermal Model (HTM) is a tool for designing comfortable buildings for different user groups from daycare centers to senior homes.