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Building performance optimization

Services for Multi-Objective optimization of buildings and their energy system

Achieving optimal design and operation of the holistic performance of buildings and their energy system is one of the biggest challenges in the current processes for the building industry and their energy systems.

By building optimization, it is possible to find optimal values of the design variables among huge numbers of possible combinations of the variables. Various design variables can be considered in the building envelope (e.g. wall constructions, building geometry, orientation, glazing types, shadings, etc.), the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and the on-site and centralized energy systems (generation, storage and conversion).

Examples of the optimization objectives are: minimization of the environmental impacts (energy consumption and CO2 emissions), minimization of the cost (investment cost, operating cost, life-cycle cost), minimization of the equipment size (energy generation units, HVAC system etc.), and maximization of the indoor air quality, energy efficiency, etc. These objectives can be achieved individually, as a single objective, or simultaneously, as multi-objectives optimization. The constraint on the optimization can indicate satisfying different set criteria (thermal comfort levels, total investment cost limits, primary energy limits etc.).

VTT offers services for multi-objective building performance optimization and decision making using combinations of highly advanced simulation and optimization tools. This can be implemented in the design and operation of new and renovated buildings, extending from single buildings level to communities and smart cities, including the integration of intelligent electrical and thermal energy grids.