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Spectral Engines Oy brings revolutionary MEMS-sensors for industrial applications


Spectral Engines Oy is VTT's newest start-up company which just recently raised almost €900,000 in venture capital funding for commercializing optical MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) technology. Spectral Engines will bring to the market revolutionary small and high-performance MEMS-based sensors which  are utilized in many industrial sensing applications. The first markets for Spectral Engines are in process automation, gas sensors and portable instruments.

Spectral Engines’ technology is based on a MEMS tuneable Fabry-Perot Interferometer (in effect a tuneable bandpass filter), and it offers an opportunity to make small and robust sensing modules in Near Infrared and Mid Infrared spectral ranges. MEMS filters are mass-producible, so the technology itself is very scalable from medium to high volumes. The benefits of Spectral Engines’ technology are size, high performance, price, robustness, low power consumption and versatility. In practice, the technology can be combined with all kinds of IR detectors, illumination sources and process probes. This enables one to utilize the technology across several applications, including solid, gas and liquid samples. The resulting MEMS sensors help customers to bring their laboratory analysis to the sample in a cost-efficient way.

Spectral Engines partners leading-edge industrial companies who want to increase productivity, quality or security in demanding industrial measurements or portable instrumentation. “We are already collaborating with system integrators who have shown great interest in our solutions. Our mature technology and rapid development cycle enable us to introduce the first full products within just a few months from the company launch”, says CEO Jarkko Antila.

Spectral Engines Oy raised their first seed funding from three VCs; VTT Ventures, Inventure and Finnvera. “We saw a great potential in this scalable technology. Of course the experienced team also made an impression on us. We are convinced that Spectral Engines’ technology offers really unique opportunities, and it was good to see that team has been able to create first customer cases already in this early phase“, Timo Tirkkonen, Partner at Inventure, justified their investment decision regarding Spectral Engines.

Spectral Engines will start to deliver the first NIR systems by September. MIR development KITs are also going to be in delivery later this year, with further wavelength ranges rapidly following.

Further information

Janne Suhonen
CCO, Spectral Engines
+358 20 722 2298