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Space technologies


Space technologies


Leading edge millimetre wave, communication and sensor technologies for aerospace industry

We have a long history of collaborating with European Space Agency and we have an ESA External Laboratory on millimetre wave technology. We also develop advanced RF components, communication systems and sensor and imaging technologies for ESA. In the area of millimetre wave technology, we work in close collaboration with NASA.

Deep knowledge across technologies

Thanks to our competence across a broad spectrum of technologies, we are able to provide a strong and diverse range of space-related technologies and solutions. In addition to ESA and NASA our customers include large space system integrators, component manufacturers, service providers, and other governmental organizations.

Solutions for:

​Antennas and RF components

Antennas and RF components are the most crucial parts of wireless systems and enabling good connection to flight systems also during space missions. Their impact on connection performance is enormous. Optimising connection performance is one of the best ways of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Our innovations for antennas and other RF components help wireless device manufacturers and space mission planners and manufacturers minimise product size while maintaining the best possible radio performance and reliability.

Antennas and RF technologies »

We develop antennas, antenna arrays, components, circuits, modules and sub-systems for radio frequency communication and sensing applications. We collaborate with our customers from early phase concept research and development to final product optimisations.

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On-wafer and antenna characterisation services »

VTT offers on-wafer and antenna characterisation services through MilliLab, an ESA External Laboratory on Millimetre Wave Technology.


Communication systems

We offer an array of advanced solutions that will help space missions achieve the reliable and high-performing communication systems they require. We have extensive expertise in terrestrial communication systems, and this knowledge can also be utilized in satellite communication.

Radio modem optimisation »

We design radio modems to improve system capacity and power, radio spectrum and cost efficiency, and reduce interference and detectability of wireless communication.

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​​​Smart resource management »

With the help of our methods for sensing the use of radio spectrum and network resources, decision making, and learning it is possible to implement so called cognitive radio systems with improved performance.

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​​​Network Quality of Service »

Our technology for measuring and enhancing quality of communication networks and services improves company operations by ensuring that mission-critical networked services are reliable and of optimal quality.

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Sensors, imaging and data analysis

Remote sensing and imaging have long been key tasks in space missions. The methods can be used to analyze the state of the environment and natural resources. New sensor technologies enable a large variety of new and more accurate applications and use cases. Using our sensor and imaging technologies, companies can develop new and advanced remote sensing solutions for space missions.

MEMS sensors »

We are known for our innovative, state-of-the-art MEMS devices. We design, model, simulate, fabricate and characterize silicon-based components and readout electronics, with a focus on surface and SOI MEMS technologies.

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Optical microspectro-meters »

VTT's tuneable FPI filter technology enables miniaturisation of spectrometers into small, hand-held sensors. Our technology is robust and mass-producible, and eliminates the need for expensive linear array detectors. 

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​​​Data-analytics and data science »

We have state-of-the-art computing infrastructure that supports our development of novel data analytics solutions. The infrastructure also allows us to perform efficient modelling, analytics and visualization of the data from our customers.

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Earth observation »

New satellites are now providing enormous amounts of data for free. This offers an excellent opportunity to monitor and map, for example, vegetation, forestry and ice cover. We have the expertise to generate meaningful knowledge out of these huge sources of optical, radar and hyperspectral data.

PiezoMEMS sensors »

VTT has explored the Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) based sensor technologies and since early 1990's being in the forefront of adoption new manufacturing technologies with its customers and collaborators. The newest generation of MEMS employs piezoelectric thin films and the piezoelectric effect for actuation and readout.



Why VTT?

We have over 73 years' experience supporting our clients growth with top-level research and science-based results. From Start-ups and SMEs to established companies and government agencies companies worldwide co-operate with VTT. We have a strong track record in millimetre wave technologies, wireless communication systems and sensing technologies. We can work with you in all stages of your R&D and innovation cycle.


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