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Wireless sensing and RFID


The realisation of the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet will profoundly affect many businesses and applications and create new business opportunities. Wireless sensing is a cornerstone of this development and has been having a greater impact in our day-to-day lives and in industrial measurements. 

Wireless sensors have obvious benefits for a number of industries. The ability to add remote sensing nodes, without the cost of running wires, results in numerous benefits including energy and material savings, process improvements, labour savings and productivity increases.

VTT's wireless solutions

VTT's wireless sensing and RFID solutions cover wireless systems from very low frequencies to millimetre waves. Our technological approach is supported by extensive interdisciplinary know-how, substantial experience in several applications and excellent in-house technology platforms.

Industrial Internet

  • Low power wireless sensor solutions for industrial measurements, enabling the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things
  • Long range wireless monitoring for harsh environments: mining industry, waste management, infra-structure monitoring


Tags and sensors with enhanced capabilities

  • Cost-effective, generic or application-specific, high-performance RFID tags from all-platform tags to biodegradable tags
  • RFID based sensors from passive disposable sensors to data loggers
  • Low-power sensor technology: MEMS, biosensors and printed sensors


Hybrid RFID technology

  • Hybrid solutions combining intelligence on silicon with modern printing technologies for other components
  • Embedded and integrated solutions combining RFID with products and other technologies


Other advanced technologies

  • Radar sensor solutions for industrial and civil applications
  • Wireless charging and power transfer
  • RFID-based localisation


R&D partner with experience

With over 15 years of experience in wireless sensing and RFID, VTT's customer-oriented approach has resulted in many commercial products, numerous patents and scientific publications. Cutting edge equipment and excellent facilities such as micro- and nanofabrication services and anechoic chambers provide exceptional opportunities for fabrication and characterisation.

Through its collaboration with many of the key European players, VTT has strong involvement in the European IoT cluster and a central role in many EU projects. VTT's reference list on tailored RFID solutions and industrial measurement solutions includes companies such as Nokia, UPM RFID, Kone, Atmel, Korea Telecom, Perlos, Aspocomp, Powerkiss, Idesco, NOF, SKF, Metso, Labkotec, Stresstech, Sandvik, Oras, Vaisala, Rautaruukki, and Galileo Nanotech.