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Science-based calibration


​Efficient calibration methods save money

Instrument calibration and chemometrics are essential parts of analyzer development. Chemometrics is the data-driven science of extracting information from different chemical systems. There are industrial demands for the more efficient analysis of large 3-dimensional data cubes that could be produced easily by state-of-the-art hyperspectral cameras.

As measurement technologies become embedded within processes, these methods will be used for fast on-line prediction and control, for example. At this stage, it is critical that the model can be shown to be robust and the boundaries tested. This would form a key part of support for the instrument to ensure the long-term stability of the technologies in each application. Furthermore, instrument validation should be demonstrated in many regulated industries. This work would be much easier, and process companies could save time and money, if the latest chemometrics methods were properly implemented.

Solutions for instrument calibrations

VTT provides robust, selective and sensitive calibration models that are properly validated and fit for purpose. Process knowledge combined with measurement physics and chemistry, physical and chemical properties, reduces the cost of calibration.  Better performance in accuracy, selectivity and sensitivity will be achieved and the calibration can be implemented in the instrument efficiently.