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New automated bioprocess sampling technology - BioSampler


VTT has developed unique and patented automated sampling and filtration solution for process analytics. Technology enables highly reliable, robust and versatile automated sample withdrawal with low maintenance need. Compared to other sampling solutions, the technology  is ideal for slurries, high cell density and high viscosity samples. For example, many fermentation-based bioprocesses have often demanding sampling challenges in monitoring and control. Reliable automated sampling and analysis facilitates optimizing process yields and reduction of other production costs. Capabilities of the technology have been demonstrated in more than ten different bioprocesses in the past year and are based on six years development in VTT. Productization is aimed at through the spin-off company, BioSampler.

BioSampler's sampling system is easily connected by a standard 25 mm connection to the existing reactors and pipelines from small-scale R&D reactors to a full production scale. Sterility is extremely important for bioprocesses, especially in biopharma and other high-value biochemical manufacturing. BioSampler assures sterility by sophisticated in-place sterilization and washing steps. Accuracy is based on assured cleanliness and fixed-volume sampling. In addition, the sampling system facilitates the ability to carry out different sample treatment steps, like dilution and reagent chemistry. Sampling technology is compatible with many on-line measurement technologies as well as off-line analyses.  In demonstrations VTT has employed on-line HPLC analysis, but we have also concepts for optical instrument interfaces enabling NIR, UV/Vis and Raman measurements.

 "We have received lot of interest and encouragement from end-users as well as analysis instrument vendors towards the automated sampling solution. It seems that there is demand and this encourages us to commercialize the technology" says Mikko Utriainen who is coordinating the commercialization activities. 

As a boost for the start, BioSampler was selected among  the TOP 25 most promising Nordic cleantech start-ups by an international jury in the 2015 Nordic Cleantech Open. 

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