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CO2 sensor integrated into a mobile phone


​VTT has developed a CO2 sensor that can be integrated into a mobile phone. This miniaturized gas sensor is based on Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) tuneable optical wavelength filters, which VTT has been developing for various applications during the past years, including nanosatellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for environmental monitoring, skin cancer diagnostics and fuel quality sensing for minimizing emissions. CO2 sensing is based on strong absorption around the 4.2 µm wavelength; however, similar sensor technology can be utilized for simultaneous detection and analysis of various different gases based on their absorption spectra in the infrared wavelengths. Due to mass-producible manufacturing of MEMS, it is possible to create novel products based on spectral sensing for large volume markets. VTT aims to generate new business based on optical sensors and instruments in Finland; microspectrometer technologies have already generated a new start-up company, Spectral Engines, which offers spectral sensors based on FPI technology. ​Furthermore, FPI chips for CO2 sensing are readily available off the shelf from VTT Memsfab Ltd, one of VTT Group companies.